unWired Community Spotlight: Reedley, CA

unWired Community Spotlight is a series highlighting the communities that make Central California a great place to live. unWired is proud to provide fast and reliable Internet to homes and businesses in Reedley and the surrounding areas.

Reedley owes its name to Thomas Law Reed, a courageous Union veteran of the Civil War. Seeking new opportunities, Reed settled in this fertile region, aiming to grow wheat to supply the Gold Rush miners who had flocked to California. Little did he know that his arrival would pave the way for a thriving community with an agricultural legacy that would endure for generations.

As the excitement of the Gold Rush began to fade, Reedley’s agricultural scene blossomed. The region’s diverse climate and fertile soil created the perfect conditions for cultivating a wide range of fruits, including grapes, figs, and peaches. Farmers soon recognized the potential of Reedley’s land and started expanding their orchards, transforming the area into a haven for fruit production. Reedley’s reputation today as the “Fruit Basket of the World” is well-deserved. The city’s commitment to fruit production is evident in the over 30 fruit and vegetable packing facilities that dot the landscape, contributing to the local economy and providing jobs for the community.

During the turbulent era of the Dust Bowl, a group of resilient German Mennonite settlers sought refuge in Reedley, bringing their traditions, values, and expertise in agriculture. These settlers, with their strong work ethic and dedication to sustainable farming, played a significant role in shaping the city’s character and economy. Today, Reedley proudly maintains its Mennonite roots, evident in its thriving farming practices and tight-knit community bonds.

Preserving history is important to Reedley, and one standout example is the Reedley National Bank Building. This architectural treasure, listed on the National Register of Historic Places, stands as a testament to the city’s heritage. Art enthusiasts can also visit the Reedley Opera House, a historic theater hosting performances throughout the year.