5 Smart Devices for New Parents

Being a new parent is stressful, wonderful and scary all at the same time. From giving you peace of mind to giving you a couple more hours of sleep, these devices can help you make the transition into parenthood a little easier! Designed to give new parents peace of mind, the Owlet Smart Sock 2 wraps around your baby’s foot to detect heat rate, oxygen levels and sleep patterns. You can place the base next to your bed, which will glow green if everything looks good and it will notify you with flashing lights and an alarm if your baby’s levels leave the preset zones. You can view live readings of your baby’s stats using the smart phone app. The app can also track your baby’s sleep, oxygen and heart rate patterns. The Nanit Plus Camera mounts on the wall of your nursery to give you a perfect view of your child’s crib. The camera connects to an app which tracks your baby’s sleep trends and give you a time-lapse of your baby throughout the night. The app also uses background audio to let you hear your baby, even when your phone is locked, or you are using other apps. If keeping track of your baby’s weight is important to you, then the Hatch Baby Grow Smart Changing Pad might be perfect for you! This changing pad has a built-in scale that connects to your smart phone through an app. Every time you change your baby, the scale will automatically track how much your baby weighs, as well as measure how much your baby is eating at every feeding. The information will then sync to the mobile app. This smart bassinet pairs to a mobile app for complete control and tracking of your baby’s sleep patterns and habits. The SNOO helps your baby sleep better by using gentle movements. It can also detect when your baby is fussy and chooses the best motion to soothe them. It also has a white noise machine that determines which sound would best calm your baby. The SNOO includes a swaddle to help keep your baby from rolling over onto their stomach. This sound machine makes it easy to create a soothing sleep environment for your infant or toddler. In addition to emitting white noise, it can also provide gentle lighting for those midnight feedings. Instead of having to go into the nursery and disrupt your sleeping baby, you can completely control the sound machine from your phone. As your child gets older, you can also use the sound machine as a Time-to-Rise device.