Customer Hub Instructions

About the unWired Customer Hub

Our Customer Hub allows you to:
• Add or remove credit/debit cards
• Update your contact information
• Download invoices
• View payment history
In order to keep your unWired account up to date, please sign up for the Customer Hub and add your credit/debit card.

How to sign up for the Hub

Step 1.

Go to and click Create an account.

Step 2.

Fill out the form to create your account. In order to request your pincode, select Don’t have your pincode? Click here to request

Step 3.

Provide your account number and email address and select whether you want to receive your pincode via text message or email.

Step 4.

Once you have received your pincode, finish the sign up form.

Step 5.

After sign up, you will be directed to the unWired Customer Hub home page. Click Add A Credit/Debit Card.

Step 6.

Fill out your credit card information and submit.

You’re all set!

Thanks for signing up for the unWired Customer Hub.