10 Tech Gift Ideas for the Holiday Season

With the holiday season coming up, it’s time to start making your gift list and checking it twice! We’re here to help; here are some tech gift ideas for everyone in your life.:


If you know someone who always seems to be losing their keys or wallet, a Tile Bluetooth Tracker could be the perfect gift! Simply attach the Tile to an item that is commonly misplaces and connect it to the Tile app on your smartphone. Via the app, you can ring your Tile or see where it is on a map. Tiles come in several different shapes: a keychain, a small sticker or a slim card that easily fits in a wallet or laptop case. It can also help you find your phone; you can double-press on the Tile and it will make your phone ring, even if it is switched to silent.


Keep an eye on your furry friend while you are away with the Furbo Dog Camera. This camera comes with 2-way audio and an app so that you can see and talk to your dog right from your phone. You can also get notifications whenever your dog barks, so that you can check up on them. The Furbo can hold up to 100 treats, so you can give your dog a treat, even when you’re not there!


Ring’s most popular product, the Video Doorbell, would make a great gift for anyone who wants to keep an eye on their property. This camera replaces your doorbell, allowing you to get a perfect view of what’s happening at and around your front door. You can view a live feed of the camera anytime on the Ring smartphone app and will receive mobile notifications anytime there is motion detected near your camera. The camera also has 2-way audio so that you can talk to anyone who comes near your front door.


The Polaroid ZIP Instant Photoprinter takes the Polaroid camera into the 21st century and is a perfect gift for a teenager or anyone who loves printed photos! Using Bluetooth and the Polaroid app, you can edit and print any photo on your phone within minutes. Its compact size makes it super portable and fun to take with you while travelling. All the photos are smudge-proof and come with a sticky back so that you can stick your memories wherever you want!


Do you have someone in your life who needs a personal assistant? An Amazon Echo might just be the next best thing! This smart assistant equipped with Alexa can do almost anything, including play music, order items on Amazon, control smart home devices, keep reminders, make calls and act as an intercom in your house. Simply ask Alexa and she’s there to help! Amazon Echo comes in several different sizes and models including the Dot, Show and Plus.


Everyone hates vacuuming, but now they don’t have to thanks to the Roomba! The Roomba 675 is a robot vacuum that can vacuum carpet and hard floors. It can run for up to 90 minutes and will return itself to the charging station whenever it is done. The Roomba uses smart technology to make sure that every inch of your home is clean, as well as prevent it from falling down the stairs. Using the app, you can schedule vacuuming sessions as often as you want, even if you’re not home.


For a coffee or tea lover, nothing is worse than drinking lukewarm coffee and Ember is here to help! Whether it’s coffee or tea, this self-warming mug can keep liquids at the exact temperature specified for up to one hour. The best part is that this mug can be controlled from an app on your smartphone! Simply download the app, set the preferred temperature and let Ember do all the work.


A SimpliSafe Home Security System is the perfect gift for someone who is living alone, or someone who would like to have a little extra peace of mind at home. This system is super easy to set up and connects through your home’s Internet connection, so there are no fancy wires needed. Plus, with SimpliSafe, you can completely customize your own home security system with cameras, entry sensors, motion detectors, sirens and more!


Track your sleep, steps, workouts and more with the new Fitbit! It’s even waterproof so you can wear it in the pool too. On this fitness tracker, you can also get notifications from your smartphone and have access to a myriad of tracking options, including food logging and calorie burn. There are a ton of band options, so you can make sure that you are always fashion forward while you’re tracking your steps. The fitness enthusiast in your life will love getting a Fitbit Inspire this holiday season!


The Instant Pot is one of the most popular kitchen appliances lately, and now it’s getting an upgrade! The new Instant Pot connects to your Wi-Fi so that you can control your Instant Pot, check the progress of your meals and get notifications while on the go through their mobile app. An 8-in-1 appliance, you can make hundreds of dishes in your Instant Pot and they can be cooked 70% faster! This could be the perfect gift for busy people who still want to make home cooked meals without the hassle.