For Technical Support, please call (559) 261-4444 and select ‘option 2’ from the main menu. Leaving a message on any other extension will delay your support.

215 W. Fallbrook Ave., #203 | Fresno, CA 93711 | 559.261.4444 |

Customer Information

Customer Name Address Agent Name Case Number
Martin Garcia 2745 South Peach Avenue - Fresno Wait for Customer to Return Equipment 00823598

Return Information

Manger Services Serial / Mac Qty Notes
Router Y2350J8000824 1 Returned in office
Radio Returned in office

Additional Notes

Disclaimer: I agree that the worked performed by unWired Broadband, LLC. personnel meets or exceeds my requirements. I have been informed of any additional charges that may be incurred if unWired Broadband, Inc. is asked to perform any additional labor after the Completion Date noted above.

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